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Silk-expert 5 BD5001 IPL with Gillette Venus razor.

Image of Silk-expert 5 BD5001 IPL with Gillette Venus razor.

Our products are designed to meet the highest standards of quality, functionality and design. Using professional light technology, Gillette Venus Silk·expert Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a hair removal device that can be used comfortably at home.

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Silk·expert is designed to help break the cycle of hair growth. Light energy is transferred through the skin’s surface and is absorbed by melanin present in the hair shaft. The absorbed light energy is converted to heat energy (below the surface of the skin), which disables the hair follicle. Treated hairs naturally fall out over the course of a few days to 1-2 weeks.

Immediately post treatment, you should not see any significant side effects from treatment (Refer to section 4 for more information on side effects). In the first few weeks following the initial treatments, you will still see some hairs growing. These are likely to be hairs that were missed during treatment i.e. they were lying dormant and not in their growth phase (Anagen) during treatment, when IPL is most effective. Around 6 weeks into the 12 week treatment program you should see a reduction in hair growth. However, many hairs may still not have been treated in their growth phase. It is important to continue the weekly treatments. After the 12 week program, you should see a significant reduction in hairs within the treated area. Any remaining hairs should be finer and lighter in color. Continued monthly treatments, or treatments as required, should maintain the reduction in unwanted hair.

The device is indicated for the permanent reduction of unwanted hair. A clinical trial was performed to assess both the safety and efficacy of the device. The key features of the clinical trial were:
• All treatments were performed by non-medically trained operators at a single location using devices identical to the one provided in this package;
• All subjects were required to complete questionnaires related to their general health and those who could not be treated, e.g. those who had one or more of the contraindications as listed in Section 3 of this User Manual were excluded. In addition, all subjects were required to provide Informed Consent as per international clinical trial requirements;
• A total of 53 female subjects, aged between 19 and 45 years old, commenced the trial;
• Three subjects left the trial during the treatment period for personal reasons. No subjects left the trial due to problems associated with the use of the device;
• Each subject received 12 weekly treatments to their chosen body location. A typical treatment consisted of shaving the site then applying the device following the same process as outlined in Section 7, Step 3 of this user manual;
• Hair counts were used to measure the change in the amount of hair 6 months after the last treatment and 12 months after the last treatment. The hairs in the treatment sites were counted via high resolution photography and the difference in hair counts was calculated as a percentage change;
• When used as directed, the clinical trial participants showed on average 44% less hair 6 months after their last treatment and 36% less hair 12 months after their last treatment when compared to hair counts taken before treatment (see table below). Actual results did vary from person to person.

Depending on the area you wish to treat you can choose between Gliding mode and Precision mode: Gliding mode enables fast and efficient treatments and is recommended for large skin surface areas (e.g. legs, arms, chest and back) while Precision mode is recommended for treating sensitive or small, hard-to reach areas such as knees, shins, ankles, bikini line or underarm and face for females. The area to be treated has to be hair-free, clean and dry. Before pressing the treatment button, look away from the device to avoid the bright light.